Chris Southam
Experienced technical director.

As an experienced technical director, I bring over 8 years of experience leading cross-functional teams and over 20 years of expertise in delivering complex projects on-time and within budget. My strong leadership and communication skills have allowed me to successfully lead cross-discipline teams building lasting relationships with stakeholders, clients and suppliers alike.

How to Become a Senior Developer and Level Up Your Career

I've been a senior developer for decades, worked in agencies (marketing and software) large and small, and interviewed have 100s of candidates. Here's everything I think you need to know to become a senior developer and how to level up your career.

Top Business Books to Help Grow your Business Thinking

For the past five years I've spent a couple of hours a day commuting. In that time, either in the car or on a train, I've managed to read or listen to quite a lot of business material. All of the below are highly recommended and in no particular order.

I've Finally Launched Something New!

After what feels like (and is) months of hard graft, I finally launched something I'm proud of. This post was originally publishing over at Indie Hackers.

Career History

  1. Company
    Software Engineer
  2. Company
    Technical Director
  3. Company
    Product Manager
  4. Company
    Rally Agency
    Senior Developer
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